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Bridging Finance

Short term property finance that allows investors and developers to quickly and efficiently purchase/refinance residential assets, commercial assets and land. This type of finance is typically utilised in instances where a traditional mortgage is not available.

Some examples of when Bridging Finance is used:

  • Acquire property at auction with confidence

  • Refinance completed development sites and capital raise for further projects

  • Buy uninhabitable / non mortgageable properties

  • Time critical acquisitions

  • Exercise option agreements

  • Acquire land

  • Below market value purchases

  • Refurbishments

  • Raise finance for business purposes

  • Pay a tax bill

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Market Features

Whilst the Bridging Finance market is highly competitive, it is critical to work with funders that have a proven track record and truly understand your goals. Cost will be a deciding factor when choosing a funder, but there are a number of other areas that must be examined in order to structure the most efficient facility.

Onshore & offshore structures
Across UK
£100,000 - £100m
Rates from 0.4% PCM
80% LTV
All asset classes considered
Interest serviced, retained or rolled
All credit profiles considered

Let's Work Together

To speak to one of our consultants about the services offered by us or to arrange a meeting, please get in touch.

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