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Business Loans

A loan allows a business to raise additional capital within a relatively short space of time whilst having repayments spread over a 1 - 7 year period.


Loans can be used for a number of purposes:

  • Cash Flow

  • Expansion

  • Buy equipment & stock

  • MBOs & MBIs

  • Advertising & Marketing

  • Staff Costs

  • Tax bills & Creditor Bills

  • Consolidate existing debts

The loan amount offered is typically dictated following a detailed review of your financial accounts and bank statements. There is often a solution available to most businesses but rates can range from 3.5% all the way to 30%+ depending on what risk category you fall into. It is not uncommon for businesses to progress with a higher priced solution initially, use these funds to enhance the businesses position and later refinance on to a more competitive option.


Market Features

1 - 7 year terms
Complete within 48 hours
Minimum reading 6 months
Revolving credit facilities available
United Kingdom
No ERCs available
£1,000 - £10,000,000
£50,000 minimum turnover

Let's Work Together

To speak to one of our consultants about the services offered by us or to arrange a meeting, please get in touch.

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